Chapter 3


Chapter 3 is a very important chapter as mastery of addition and subtraction of fractions is a CCSS big idea for grade 5. Use visual models to represent fractions. This chapter expects that students can find common denominators if students struggle with understanding equivalent fractions go back to grade 4 materials and use paper strips or fraction circles. Be sure to locate fractions on the number line and operations should be modeled there too. CCSS emphasizes this model for fractions. Fact Fluency – 5 minutes 3x a week.

Chapter 3: Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Chapter Introduction
Lesson 3.1- Adding Unlike Fraction
Lesson 3.2- Subtracting Unlike Fractions
Lesson 3.3- Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Division Expressions
Lesson 3.4- Expressing Fractions, Division Expressions, Mixed Numbers as Decimals
Lesson 3.5- Adding Mixed Numbers
Lesson 3.6- Subtracting Mixed Numbers
Lesson 3.7- Real- World Problems: Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Problem Solving: Put on your thinking cap
Chapter Review
Chapter 3 Test Prep

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