Edgenuity-What is it?

Edgenuity is the online platform students will use for their core courses; English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. It provides support that may not be provided in a traditional classroom setting. In Edgenuity, the embedded tools provide read-aloud support, transcripts and captions, definitions, language translations, and highlighting to organize content. There is an eNotes tool where students can synthesize information and record observations. 

Sixth-grade students begin the year using guided notes for each of their classes. Guided notes are printed and bound for students. Using the guided notes helps students take a more active role in their learning.

Notetaking is a skill that students will use throughout their academic career, and students are REQUIRED to take notes for each of their Edgenuity lessons. By the end of the first semester, many students discover what notetaking system works for them. In the second semester, students can choose what notetaking style they prefer. Some students choose to type their notes on a google doc or handwrite their notes. We want students to find what works well for them.

Our blended learning classroom aims to bring the lessons to life when students come to campus. Each Edgenuity lesson provides a direct instruction video with an expert on-screen teacher. The video orients students to lesson goals and offers clear and concise explanations of the subject matter. On-screen teachers model and teach various learning strategies such as self-monitoring.

Please watch the video from Edgenuity titled Supporting Your Child in Online Learning. Click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Supporting Your Child in Online Learning